Exclusive FB™ Lead Program Produces On-Demand Flow Of Qualified Mortgage Leads.

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Guaranteed minimum lead flow

Fully automated sales assistant CRM

100% on-demand lead flow

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Want To Receive Qualified Mortgage Leads Every Day?


Loan Officers Across USA Who Are Happy With The Program

I signed up with the program to grow my business and close more loans every month, and that's exactly what the program has helped me to do. I realized very early on that the leads were of a good quality. Since then, nothing has changed. It's a constant flow of leads that supports me in my work. Thanks guys.
- Mark H. TJC Mortgage, Alabama
The quality of prospects that arrive in my inbox are great. The service is simple to use. No surprises, and very few bumps along the way. A great program that I continue to rely on.
- Marie L. Old National, Kentucky
If you're interested in performance, you need the right tools to support you. I've found Dalia's program's leads to be of a high standard, and with the automations and CRM it's set up for me to succeed.
- Hans G. J.G. Wentworth, Texas
I'm a huge advocate of the Loan Scout program. The exclusive leads are as good or better than leads I get from the major suppliers, and there's nobody else working them at the same time I am. Thanks to Johno, Tom and the guys, your guys work makes a big difference to my business.
- Mark H. New Mexico Bank & Trust, New Mexico

- Mark C., Pennsylvania

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Welcome To The Loan Scout Program, By Dalia Media


Let’s face facts,

Right now the Mortgage market is being flooded by low-calibre, low-quality Facebook advertisers.

> They’re failing to meet their lead quotas.
>They’re not providing systems that help you close more loans.
>They can only offer you one campaign (fingers crossed it doesn’t break!)
>They’re not real advertisers... they can’t generate top quality, high-intent leads.

There’s a Better Way

Experienced Facebook advertisers get you the best leads and work hard to make those leads convert.

Experienced Facebook advertisers own real business themselves. They understand your business, and how they can provide systems to help you succeed.

Experienced advertisers are using digital marketing to:

> Turn your leads into inbound sales conversations
> Turn your leads into inbound sales conversations
> Filter out uninterested leads to save you time
> Provide robust Realtor referral programs that work

Want To Receive Qualified Home Buyers Every Day?

Great things in business are never done by one person.
They're done by a team of people.

- Steve Jobs

Save time and close more loans with the Loan Scout Program


Our CRM is almost like having a sales assistant, doing live call, SMS and email transfers.

Here’s how our lead program works

Lead Captured on Facebook (long-form and short-form)
Lead enters follow up CRM.
10% - 20% of all leads become a pre-booked call
Remaining leads receive SMS, email and ringless voicemails. These look and feel organic.
40-65% of prospects respond to you directly. You jump in half way through sales conversation. Automation stops.

Would your business grow if you received 60-100 nurtured leads every month on autopilot?

Stop wasting time calling leads that don’t want to hear from you.

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Here’s how our Realtor Referral Program Works

We get in touch with your target Realtor, as though we were a part of your internal marketing team. The fact that you have a marketing team, increases your status in their eyes.
We set up listing ads for that Realtor in your Facebook Ad account. You drive them home buyer leads using Facebook and our follow up software.
In return for the leads, you receive all their loans.
Using this method, we have won our Loan Officers all the leads from entire Realtor branches. That resulted in hundreds of red hot leads for that loan officer in one year.

Choose Your Lead Quantity & We Will Guarantee That Amount