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February 6, 2018
Lawrence Yule
February 6, 2018
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Purely Baby

With Commitment, A Brand Can Explode Onto The Scene Overnight Using Digital Marketing

Audience Growth. Content Creation

Purely Baby were brand new to the ecommerce game, and they wanted an injection of life into their brand. They had great staff on hand they wanted to manage things moving forward, but needed a large audience and some content to get them going.

When we arrived they had 300 Facebook likes. Within 40 days they had over 4,000, and the growth to their email list was much more substantial than that.

Now, as an ecommerce company, they can broadcast content to their audience to reap ongoing revenue. For ecommerce, you should expect to make $1 per email address per month.

Targeted Mass Audience Growth.

In this video Johno discusses the merits of a targeted viral campaign for growing an audience.

For many companies, we find that rapid growth is a great first step towards ongoing digital marketing. Once there is a audience to market to, a company knows that a long-term commitment will bring more revenue in every month.


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