February 5, 2018
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The Superior Pool Co.

The Superior Pool Co is a great example of how a new company can achieve mass market brand awareness in a very short amount of time. How? By delivering highly appealing content in a targeted manner.

Build Your Brand A Mass Audience

The Superior Pool Co was a new company who wanted to quickly raise their brand to a parity with the existing players. They wanted brand awareness, and they also wanted inbound leads with prospects who know who they were, and what they stood for.

For The Superior Pool Co we created branding, a website, and videos that are highly appealing to their ideal customer. The company is harnessing Google & Facebook in a targeted campaign that brings tens of thousands of potential buyers through a relationship building process every month.

Dig A Little Deeper

This campaign is designed to give massive brand awareness to The Superior Pool Co, while offering that audience plenty of opportunities to become a lead and get Tony out for a site visit.

For most New Zealand companies this is the perfect campaign. And we deploy it with direct response marketing strategies that draw your audience in and make them brand advocates.


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