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DALIA MEDIA is a little digital marketing agency with BIG ideas that incite action.

If your digital media isn’t inspiring people take notice and do something, it’s not working hard enough. We build lasting connections between people, products and companies through storytelling, design and direct response marketing.
Dalia Media is a boutique full service digital agency focused on client success. We’re located in Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand, but work with clients and team members around the world.

Our Services

Direct Response Marketing
Facebook Lead Generation SMS, Email & Ringless Voicemail Drop
We combine direct response strategies with Facebook’s artificial intelligence (also known as the pixel) to deliver high quality leads to your inbox. Automated lead nurturing is a critical part of your conversion toolkit. People vary in which medium they prefer to talk with, so we deploy automations these three technologies to make your sales conversations higher quality.
Call Booking Appointments & CRM Content Marketing
We convert a percentage of your total leads to call booking appointments with sms and email reminders. We bundle this with a CRM and automations so you can recapture those who fail to show up. In many markets, it’s crucial to use content marketing over time develop a relationship between your brand and a mass audience. This mass audience becomes your future lead pool.
Brand Positioning Google Marketing
Achieving expert status or notoriety is a regularly used tool for appealing to a mass audience. We can guide you through developing your brand, and roll it out onto digital for you. We deploy marketing on all the major search engines. This includes moving up the Google Search ranking (SEO), advertise on websites all over the internet (display advertising), or buy search placements at the top of Google Search (PPC).
Design & Storytelling
UI & UX Web Design Branding & Logo Design
Having a polished looking website design isn't going to cut it if your users can't find what they're looking for. User experience is our top priority in all our design projects. A strong brand represents your businesses core values and resonates with your target audience. It's what sets you apart from your competition and gives your audience something to trust.
Graphic Design Copywriting
A perfect combination of typography, colours and images helps your brand stand out, and connect with your audience. Stretching your brand image throughout all your touchpoints is crucial in building a trusting relationship with your clients Expertly written copy can create a subtle urgency that converts visitors into repeat customers and brand ambassadors. If you're stuck on your projects copy we'd love to help.
Photography Video Production
Professional photography supports strategic branding efforts with unique images tailored to each project’s needs. Video provides a tremendous opportunity to engage your audience, humanizing your brand while building a loyal community.
Technology & Development
Web Development Automated Messaging
Responsive web development tailored to your goals means that your website can grow with your business and its customers. Strategic email, sms and ringless voicemail drop will elicit a high level of engagement throughout every stage of the buyer’s journey.
Ecommerce Customer Management Systems
Ecommerce usually involves a two phase campaign. Phase one is to build you an audience. Phase two is to market to that audience in an ongoing way that causes sales, and that causes your audience to grow. From automated 2-way SMS to ringless voicemail. We generate inbound leads then nurture them with automated messaging. In other words, we create the sales conversation, and you take over part way through.


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