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February 6, 2018
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Tim Gilbertson

Record Breaking Bid By Regional Councillor For Election, When Measured In Dollars Per Vote.

Digital Election Campaign.

Tim Gilberston was previously a Regional Councillor, and also previously a long-standing Mayor, but of a township which only comprised a small percentage of the voting public in this case. He was standing against extremely well funded opposition, as well as opposition with a huge amount of current profile and goodwill.

Tim is a very popular guy among those who know him or his persona, and his progressive politics stands out as exemplary. However his opponents had more current persona's which is a huge advantage when asking for a vote.

To counter his strong opposition, Tim placed over 95% of his marketing budget in digital marketing where he could speak directly to a targeted mass audience.

High Social Engagement Campaign.

Tim was great on camera, and we deployed a number of videos on Facebook. There were also a blogs/articles. During the campaign we had videos and articles go viral in the area, and extremely high levels of social engagement on most posts made.

According to publicly available information, Tim achieved votes at $0.61 per vote, vs the $2.50 - $3.50 that was spent by the incumbents and those that won. Tim achieved 6,200 odd votes. Had he won 1,500 more votes, he would have been elected.


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