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February 6, 2018
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February 6, 2018
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Lawrence Yule

In Charge Of Digital Marketing For The Election Campaign of Member of New Zealand Parliament Lawrence Yule. Ongoing Digital Marketing For The Elected MP.

Communicating With The People

Lawrence Yule was the Mayor of Hastings for 16 years, President Of Local Government New Zealand, and Chair of The Commonwealth Local Government Forum.

Lawrence is now an elected Member of the New Zealand Parliament. He brought us on to support him in his election campaign for that role, as he transitioned from Local Government, to National Government.

Our role was to work directly with Lawrence craft his vision into video and written messaging that would resonate with his voters.

The People Respond

The digital campaign culminated in over 40 high engagement videos, with over 250,000 video views. We started Lawrence around 2,000 online conversations with potential voters.

Our management of Lawrence's digital marketing was one part of an incredibly sophisticated traditional campaign. Lawrence's core campaign team comprised of nearly 20 people, all of whom were highly engaged and intelligent. The core team was supported by a large volunteer army.

As a result of his existing profile, and the work put in, Lawrence won by a margin of around 10% against an established opponent who had put in years of canvasing.


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