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February 6, 2018
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A Highly Successful Campaign of Facebook Lead Generation leading to Call Booking Appointments... Substantial Lead Flow Backed Up By Email & SMS Sequences To Get People Onto Calls And Ready To Be Sold.

An Exclusive Facebook Campaign.

Just like all of our campaigns, we created an entire Facebook Advertising campaign dedicated to this client alone. These are fresh, exclusive leads that only this client receives, and has full control over.

The client has access to the Facebook Ads Manager… They are given custom scheduling software... And they are also provided with a custom CRM that helps keep track of leads, and which sends email and text automations to get people on the phone.

Looking At Results

As Johno shows in this video, the client receives leads at a low cost in Facebook Ad Spend. Then you can see that 30 - 40% of all leads are converted to a Call Booking Appointment, which is coming in at around $10 per instance.

We are one of the more experienced operators in the space, delivering leads of the same quality as major suppliers like Zillow.

The difference lies in what we do with those leads... We use high-touch, high-nurture sequences to get your leads ready for a close.


If your company qualifies, we will provide you with a free 45 minute strategy session. To apply, click the button below, choose a time, and answer the pre-qualification questions.